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Dr. Sarah Rouhana, Post-Doctoral Research Assistant

  • Novel therapies for ischaemia-reperfusion injury

Ciara Barry, MSc Student

  • Impact of menopause on cardiac remodeling & ischaemic injury


Jinan Saboune, PhD Student (McGill University)

Ilka Lorenzen-Schmidt, Research Technician (Ottawa Heart Institute)

Rosephine Del Fernandes, Medical Student (Queen's)

Vishali Balasubramaniam, Medical Student (Toronto)

Kim Poung, Medical Student (McMaster)

Viola Kajendrakumar, Biobank Technician (CReATe Fertility Centre)

Alexandra Hall, Clinical Research Project Coordinator (Sick Kids)

Melissa Ferguson, Dentistry Student (Boston University)

Kaley Hogarth, Clinical Scientist (Sick Kids)

Kristel Dimitrova, Medical Writer (Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies)

Chris Araujo, Lawyer (Department of Justice Canada)

Feng Hua Yang, Director of Cardiovascular Model Research Center (Guangdong Lab Animal Models Institute)

Nirmala Chinnapparedy, Scientific Affairs Coordinator  (Paul Dick & Associates)

Lija Gaikis, Senior Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs Specialist (Agfa Healthcare)

Justyna Kulpa, Regional Research Manager (Canopy Growth Corp.)

Brittany Wyger, Physician (Family Medicine)

Gustavo La Rotta, Fellow, Paediatric Emergency Medicine (Sick Kids)

David Aiello, Dental Surgeon

Philip Wood, PhD student (Ottawa Heart Institute)

Erynn Shaw, Physician (Family & Palliative Medicine)

Jenna Usprech, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Engineering (UBC)

Qian Zhong, Investment Long-Term Planning Manager (Iberdrola)

Catherine Nevin Pike, Nurse (Hepatology)

Michaela Ondrejicka, Physician (Family & Emergency Medicine)

Amy Freeman, Nurse (Cardiology)

Samantha Clarke, Intern (Mississauga Oakville Veterinary Emergency & Referral Hospital)